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  • Macarons Not Macaroons…

Review: The Tale of Wobbly Jim and a Parrot Named Sue

“Mummy, can we read the Wibbly Wobbly Jim book? Puh-leasseeee, I’m a pirate, Yarrr” This has pretty much been thing I hear most mornings in my house since I bought this neato book – The Tale of Wobbly Jim and a Parrot Named Sue – an independently published collaboration by the awesomely talented Kate Toon […]

Top 10 Kids Toys for Christmas 2013

A few weeks back I had the delightful opportunity to skip outside after dark and go and visit my favourite Sydney toy shop, Flying Penguin, for a glass of bubbles and a chance to preview their Top 10 toys for Christmas. Based in Newtown, Flying Penguin stock an awesome array of toys for kids, a […]

Stencil Portraits by Maria Harding

Sydney based Stencil artist Maria Harding creates custom stencil portraits and paintings from your photos. On the eve eve eve of her first solo exhibition, Chasing Rainbows, I asked her a few questions about the driving force behind Stencil Portraits.

Rocket Cake Birthday Morning Tea

Last week I shared with you my intentions to bake and decorate a Rocket Cake for my son, who turned 3 a few weeks back. Well I’m happy to report It actually happened. And it was awesome. By my own less-than-modest standards anyway.

Party Fatigue and a Rocket Cake for Master 3

So in my mothers group, yes, we still keep up, Felix is the 2nd last birthday of 14 or so kids. This isn’t a big deal except for March/April cake-fest where our weekends are spent shuffling said toddler from one party to the next. By the time his comes around, everyone (including me) has party fatigue.

In Pursuit of Happiness: Pinhole Zine

Say hello to Pinhole. Handmade Zines crafted with love, virtue & blisters. Pinhole is self published and a hand crafted zine. New content presented old school. Pinhole is about how we see the world uncensored.

Phase Creative + Genesis Theme = HAPPY PIXELS

So, if you’ve clicked on this blog in the last couple of days, you may have noticed some oddities. Sorry about that. I’ve been upgrading to the more robust Genesis Theme for WordPress, the framework on which I’m creating websites these days.

Big Hips, Small Boobs

In a moment of panic before a weekend away, I googled big hips, small boobs. I was delighted to come across an Aussie site matching outfits to body types.

Rental, Sweet Rental

Ok. I know it’s been a while. A long while, but I’ve got a good excuse. I’ve been a busy little pixel these last few months. I’m not going to bore you with the details, they will come out eventually. Anyway, I’d like to share something I’ve been working on: I’ve been playing around with […]

Where I go to be alone

As a single person in the innerwest, I loved that I could still feel alone, even with dozens of people around me. Now, as a working mum, I rarely get time to myself. When I do, I go to a few special places that help me rekindle that me-time enthusiasm.