A butterfly cake for Nan’s 80th.

Back in July, my husband’s grandma turned 80. She’s a pretty awesome lady, and we were a little stumped with to what gift to buy her. My Mother in Law was busy preparing a butterfly themed party for her so I offered to make a cascading butterfly cake. Gift and cake in one. Ripper.

I’m not really a butterfly person. Is anyone? Anyway, this wasn’t about me so I did some research on pinterest (board here) and came up with a colour scheme and plan of attack. I also called MIL and let her know that I was using white, orange, purple and pink. They agreed to decorate the party accordingly*.

*These guys are lovely hearted folk, but not budding stylists, a purple tablecloth and some helium balloons made them happy, I concentrated on the cake!).

I’ve never made a tiered cake before, and this was also my fist go at making sugar paste decorations and placing rolled fondant on a cake. 3 firsts – Lots of room for error. I visited a local cake decorating store to get some materials and advice. The key things I learned were:

  • If using packet cakes, Greens is the best. They were right. Woot.
  • For a tiered cake where you want to separate or save a layer, each cake needs a board.
  • Use a proper, well lined bakers tin. Those cheapo non-stick tins don’t work well.
  • Use skewers to support the tiers
  • If you want the sugar paste decorations to be hard, you need to air dry them for at least a week in non-humid conditions.
  • Do a crumb-coat before placing the rolled fondant on the cake.
  • Assemble the cake after your 5 hour drive. GOOD ADVICE.

Here is the final result. I’ll list some details after the photos.

2 tiered butterfly cake by pixelsnpieces.com

butterfly cake with sugar paste butterflys by pixelsnpieces.com

butterfly cake with sugar paste butterflys by pixelsnpieces.com

Cake Flavour: Greens packet mix, Caramel, Chocolate, Caramel. I cooked it slower and cooler than recommended so it was moist and dense.
Sugarpaste: I bought the sugar paste and moulds from my local stockist, Nandas Cake Decorations, but they are available online if you google butterfly plunge cutters
Fondant: I used the supermarket brand, I get good results from this and it’s easy work with and colour. I’ve tried to make marshmallow fondant but it was a sticky disaster.

Have you attempted something epic in the kitchen recently?


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  1. Beautiful!

  2. Why thank you m’dam

  3. Cath this looks really amazing!!
    I would love to order some of your babushka homemade biscuits (or any homemade sweet treats really) for my workshops but not sure a) how well they’d travel b) how long they would keep fresh for

    At the moment I provide a pot of herbal tea, some bought biccies and a pack of snakes or something to keep sugar levels up, a homemade treat would be so much classier 🙂

    • Hey Lynsey,
      Perhaps we could have a chat about it offline. Maybe we could come up with a ‘healthy’ version for parents to try and combine it with a recipe card so that it compliments your offering. They will keep packaged for about a week, but are best hand delivered rather than relying on a service. After that, I just cart them individually wrapped.

      I truly think there could be an opportunity here for us to create something fun.

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