A stop motion wedding video in Tamworth, NSW

I’ve been thinking about weddings a lot lately. It’s hard not to, each time I go to Pinterest I am ambushed by wedding deliciousness and curated style that makes me yearn to have another one. Not helped by the insanely beautiful offerings of blogs such as Hello May and Simply Peachy, parading endless helpings of signature kick and sass. The big day has taken on a whole new meaning. Never mind the eternal commitment (or whatever), it’s all about self expression and creating tangible memories to look back on and say ‘ahhh, that was us in our element…’

My wedding day was nearly 4 years ago, on our ‘6 years together’ anniversary. It made the future date remembering easy – yeah, we are lazy like that. Anyhoo, I’d like to blog my own wedding, but I’ll save that for another time. I’ve decided to blog someone else’s instead.

When you’ve been part of the family (namely, your partners) for nearly 10 years, you do really become like a piece of the furniture, and therefore drafted into all family events in whatever capacity you happen to be most useful. I’m the graphic designer and party consultant. Not that I mind, love jobs are part of the territory. In the instance of my Sister In Law’s wedding last April, I helped the bride shortlist her photographers, created the wedding stationery, advised on decorating decisions and told her she looked amazing. I think that last bit is the most important!

Kirstin and Robert did have an amazing day and we were all truly excited to see these two tie the knot. I was also very happy that Kirstin’s ‘vision’ for her day came to life. All their vendors were incredible but the photographers, Chasing Summer (formerly North Coast Photography) went above and beyond, capturing their wedding in stop motion video and bringing it to life all over again. I still get goosebumps. Enjoy.

(Best to mute this one, not my taste in music, probably not yours…)

Disclosure. I have no affiliation with Chasing Summer, I just drool over their work and this production is well worth the free love.

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