October long weekend wrap up

In my efforts to keep this blog a little balanced, here’s my October long weekend wrap up.

I preface this by saying life has changed A LOT since my son rocked up 2.5 years ago. We don’t go to festivals anymore, there is none of that long-weekend anticipation of the random fun we may get up to, or speculation over how big our hangover will be and will we be able to make it to brunch the next day. Any activities are planned around nap time, and how manageable our loveable monster will be at a particular time. That being said, we made the most of it.

My husband and I each got a sleep in, some self time, cooked a proper meal and watched some TV that wasn’t Cars, Giggle and Hoot or Toy Story 1-3. Bliss

We also:
Made bread (a pretty regular event, but lovely all the same)

Discovered the joys of child labour (he begged me to let him help, I promise!)

Got ready for market – business cards printed (tick)

(I)Cleaned our bedroom. I have a linen fetish.   Clean bedroom pixelsnpieces.com

I managed a couple of exercise sessions, a lot of laundry and some blog updates. Pretty good use of 3 days I reckon. I now sit, wine in hand, pondering dinner. And since there aren’t any elves, better get it moving.

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  1. Nothing beats home baked bread! Love the photo of your son “helping”! Sadly when they become teens they are no longer begging to help:) Thanks for the heads up on the broken link!

    • Haha, yes, I do wonder if this may be the only evidence of him doing the dishes – ever. Published it just for that reason!

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