Big Hips, Small Boobs

Yep, I said Boobs. My husband would giggle.

‘Dresses for women with Big Hips, Small Boobs’ is actually the search term I popped into google. Giving all you SEO experts a run for your money is OMG! So excited. This page has just displayed to me my exact fashion profile. Wrap dresses, A lines, a bit of funky floral and a bit of mumsy, but hey… Here are a couple of ensembles that I was particularly touched by:

I’ve had a hit ‘n’ miss relationship with fashion, relating directly to my self-esteem and anxiety  as both a teen and an adult. I feel like it’s only been in the last 5 or so years I’ve had any sense of my own style. I guess that’s age (I’m 32) and money (we have some now) and friends (fabulously eclectic group of friends through whom I’ve learned I don’t have to look like anyone but me). I still cringe at myself daily for not being able to wear the clothes I like, but also acknowledge that I finally have ‘clothes I like’. Does that make sense?

So I declare that no matter what weight range I fall into, I will always have the ‘Big Hips, Small Boobs’ body shape. I thought maybe it would change after having my son, but alas, while everything got bigger, the ratio is still the same.

I don’t claim to have any idea about fashion, but I do know now that what makes me feel good is the best choice. Always. No one else cares as much as I do, so dressing for me is the  way to go.

Incidentally, I thought I’d emphasis the fact by putting a pic of me embracing my body shape – on my wedding day. I will blog my wedding in a few months, but here’s me wearing something that made me feel incredible.

My Wedding Dress

This dress, from Amanda Garrett, Sydney, was the first I tried on and the only dress that gave me goose bumps. It was double my budget but after trying on over a dozen other dresses, I came back to this. Not perfect, but the way it made me feel was what mattered.

So, what’s your fashion style? Do you have one? Does it feel right? Do you care much?

*Disclaimer: I have no dealings with or Amanda Garrett except as a consumer. Completely unsolicited post.



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  1. You looked fabulous!

    🙂 ‘Dresses for women with Big Hips, Small Boobs’ is also exactly what *I* typed into Google today, lol. Your page popped up. These dress suggestions are great, thanx again!
    And, Pee.Ess: You DID look fabulous!! Unbiased opinion, hehe!! 😉

  3. Thank you for this link – it is a fabulous site. Now you need to pick them up as a client so they have a website that loads its pictures up fast! *note – my body search criteria might be slightly different to yours – lol

  4. You looked lovely! I think no matter our age there is always something that we wish we could change about our bodies but the most important thing is to learn to embrace them – hard thing to do at times I know! I have the issue of small frame muscular shoulders in summer and small frame big bum in winter. So I can never win either way! lol.

    • Thank you, yes I know we all have our personal body issues, it’s nice to put it out there actually. Are you a swimmer?

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