Phase Creative + Genesis Theme = HAPPY PIXELS

So, if you’ve clicked on this blog in the last couple of days, you may have noticed some oddities. Sorry about that. I’ve been upgrading to the more robust Genesis Theme for WordPress, the framework on which I’m creating websites these days.

Where I go to be alone

As a single person in the innerwest, I loved that I could still feel alone, even with dozens of people around me. Now, as a working mum, I rarely get time to myself. When I do, I go to a few special places that help me rekindle that me-time enthusiasm.

Home office inspiration and ideas

A few months ago I resigned from my job where I worked as a digital designer for a commercial radio network here in Sydney. It’s been an ace job and I will miss it but needed to reclaim some time to spend with my family, and be more flexible with my working hours. This week […]

October long weekend wrap up

Life has changed ALOT since our son rocked up and long weekends take a different pace, here’s a little behind the scenes look at how this one panned out.