Digital printing on fabric using Spoonflower

For those of you who have no idea what a ‘spoonflower’ is, you can get the lowdown at their official site. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know:

  • Spoonflower is a digital fabric printing company based in the USA
  • Anyone can upload a design to be printed
  • There is no minimum run, you can start with just a swatch if you like.
  • Prices are reasonable but it takes about 3 weeks on a standard postage to receive your goods
  • They have quite a few different fabric options to chose from and prices start at about $16/yard
  • You can sell fabric, but you have to proof your design in the flesh first.
  • You only make a small design profit in ‘spoondollars’ of around 10% of the total sale cost

I heard about these guys a year or so ago and, being a designer, I was  quite taken at the opportunity to add ‘textiles’ to my CV. Since I got the sewing machine, I’ve been a little desperate to create some unique pieces, in the interim, I thought it would be nice to at least have a new fabric to inspire me.

Overall, the hardest part of the process (for me) was ensuring my patterns tiled well. It took me a few uploads and revisions to get this right. I wasn’t too worried about the colour – perhaps I should have been? You’ll see from the pics that the black is not very saturated. I printed this on their Kona® Cotton stock (currently $18/yard). Here are some photos:

'Lemon' fabric designed by Pixels n PIeces - available from Spoonflower

'Lemon' fabric designed by Pixels n PIeces - available from Spoonflower

Tea wallets in 'lemon' by pixelsnpieces

I’m super happy with the final result, and am planning on to sell these tea wallets at an upcoming fair. I thought it could be used for an apron or table runner or something too – what do you thing? What would you use this fabric for?

(Oh, and if you REALLY like it, you can buy ‘lemon’ online here)

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