Let him eat cake

My dad turned 60 last week. I didn’t have a lot of time to make a cake so I cheated and went to my trusty (seriously!) Greens packet mix. Since it was just Dad, myself, my husband and son, I chose to cook the cake in a smaller tin (20cm) for a deeper result.

I learned that if I cook cakes in a well lined, proper bakers tin at a lower temperature (around 140 deg C) I can get a much evener bake so there is little wastage when I trim. This method worked faultlessly in this instance and I had a very cute looking 3″ high choccy cake to play with.

I decorated this beauty simply. Dad has type 2 diabetes so I didn’t want to contribute to his sugar intake with icing. I whisked a tablespoon of splenda with a small tub of marscapone cream and put an even layer on the half cake followed by a layer of chopped strawberries. I carefully placed the top of the cake on top of the strawberries and repeated the marscapone and strawberries on top, finishing with a piece of grated sugarfree dark chocolate.

I was pretty happy with the combo and will consider using splenda as a swapout again as no one noticed!.

Chocolate cake with sugar-free ‘icing’ and strawberries

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  1. looks very very impressive and I’m sure just as tasty!!

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