Macarons Not Macaroons…

See, they worked! The final product looked and tasted lovely.

Today was my 3rd attempt at cooking macarons – not macaroons (well explained here). With 2 fails using the same recipe, I was expecting another – apparently 3 fails is normal for macarons.

The recipe I’ve been using is from Gourmet Traveller – I chose the recipe because it included metric measurements for all ingredients. I had done a little research and found that this stuff can be important where there are so many other variables. In case you are curious, you can find the recipe here I recommend reading the top copy first, it provides some insight.

My first batch failed because it was too runny – I didn’t beat the eggs long enough. The result was little crispy pink meringues. Cute, but not desirable.

The second batch was much better, but I forgot to bang the tray before they formed a crust, and so the little peaks turned into nipples on the macarons and while they were cute and a little appropriate given I’m preparing them for a baby shower high tea, they didn’t sit well on the plate. My final error was trying to make a white chocolate and rosewater ganache with sweetened condensed milk. Don’t do this.

I was suprised when this 3rd batch actually worked. I learned from the previous mistakes and am pretty happy with the result. Not perfect, a little too firm and chewy, slightly discoloured, and not the ideal size or glossiness. But, they are hand made and everyone was very appreciative. Success I say.

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  1. Love the name….can’t wait to try them!!!!

  2. They are stunning and I love the shade of pink that you made them 🙂 And they’re such temperamental little things!

    • Thank you Lorraine – I did say they were the third bunch right? I have since found much room for improvement, your salted caramel is next on my flavour list.

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