Make & Share Backyard Fair

There is something to be said for our micro communities, those which are fostered amongst our friends and families and allowed to expand and grow organically through common interest and sense of life. I had the privilege of being involved in such a community last weekend when I was invited to participate in the Make & Share Backyard Fair, a private fair hosted by some pretty talented and spirited people.

I had a wonderful day and met some pretty exceptional people. It was warm and fuzzy kind of stuff. Here’s what our host had to say:

The Make and Share Backyard Fair was organised by Beth Taylor and was held across two backyards in Marrickville. The aim was to build community and have fun, while raising money for charities OzHarvest and The Gethsemane Community and providing a free avenue for locals, artists and craftspeople to sell their wares.

We had 10 stalls, including a coffee stand selling Morgan’s coffees and homemade cakes, biscuits and other treats. Other stalls sold handmade clothes, accessories, artworks, cards, preserves, and self-published books, zines and CDs. Tom the Pom and The Desks provided live musical entertainment.

About 250 people came. Our backyards were packed!

All money raised from the coffee and food stall went to OzHarvest –
All money raised from the guessing comp and from the stalls run by the host backyards went to: The Christmas Project run by The Gethsemane Community- Read about it here.

I am pretty in awe of people like Beth and her friends who see an opportunity to DO something rather than just talk about it. The fair day was a great success. Beth has written a thorough wrap-up of the day over on her blog Commas and Dots. She also popped together this fab video of the day (featuring music from the Desks), perfectly showcasing the atmosphere:

And here is a gallery of the some of the stallholders, their wares and the people behind them. I encourage you to check out their individual sites and support the locals who contribute to inspired events such as this. There were so many wonderful goods on offer, if you’d like to checkout all the contributors, Beth’s blog has all the details.


Photos by Beth, Wendy, Jeff, and Lisa.

Many thanks to our wonderful hosts and their many neighbours, friends and family to helped make this event the success it was.

Have you ever been part of a humble event such as a backyard fair? Would you consider it? I’m looking forward to a backyard music festival next! Bring it.

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