• Babushka cookies decorated with royal icing
  • Macarons Not Macaroons…

Sewing using Mexican Oilcloth

Mexican Oilcloth – A fabric you ‘iron’ with your fingers and ‘pin’ with sticky tape. Awesome!

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Garage sale fabric score

A quick walk around the block and a rummage through the 50c bin at a garage sale found me three worthy fabric remnants totaling 2 yards.

Digital printing on fabric using Spoonflower

For those of you who have no idea what a ‘spoonflower’ is, you can get the lowdown at their official site. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know: Spoonflower is a digital fabric printing company based in the USA Anyone can upload a design to be printed There is no minimum run, you […]

A babushka inspired baby shower high tea

I recently hosted a babushka inspired baby shower high tea. I designed, baked and decorated the cake and sewed tea wallets as favours. See the photos here.

Updated: a tea wallet favour

Whilst searching for a favour to give away to guests of a baby shower high tea, I came across the concept of a tea wallet. I subsequently produced a suitable pattern and away I went. Hope you like them!

Who (or what) is pixels n pieces?

My name is Cath. I’m a digital designer living in Sydney with my husband and 2yo son. Sometimes things can get away from you, dreams mostly remain in their cocoon like state, dormant and waiting for a little air time.This blog is one of those dreams that I’ve upgraded to ‘project’ status.

Let him eat cake

My dad turned 60 last week. I didn’t have a lot of time to make a cake so I cheated and went to my trusty (seriously!) Greens packet mix. Dad has type 2 diabetes so I didn’t want to contribute to his sugar intake with icing. I whisked a tablespoon of splenda with a small tub of marscapone cream and put an even layer on the half cake followed by a layer of chopped strawberries.

Macarons Not Macaroons…

As an amateur in the kitchen, I get a little kick out of attempting more technical recipes and actually pulling them off. Macarons are $3 each at the shops, so I thought I’d give them a crack.