Party Fatigue and a Rocket Cake for Master 3

10! 9! 8!…

I think you get the idea. I can’t believe my son is 3 already! It feels like it’s been a long year, yet it’s flown. That doesn’t make sense I know, but every year I try and cram so much more in, and fail spectacularly.

So in my mothers group, yes, we still keep up, Felix is the 2nd last birthday of 14 or so kids. This isn’t a big deal except for March/April cake-fest where our weekends are spent shuffling said toddler from one party to the next. By the time his comes around, everyone (including me) has party fatigue.

Speaking to another mum today (who happens to be the first cab of the rank – and who took full advantage by hosting an aptly named Trucker party for her daughter), I wonder if this concept is baseless, but I certainly feel some anxiety about it.

So I’ve adapted the idea of hosting a not-party for my boy, and have invited his friends (ok, my friends who have kids) round on a Friday (note: deliberately not the weekend) for morning tea with Rocket Cake. Yes, it totally deserves the capitals.

I discovered there is a new cake decorating supply shop not too far from me and I was like a mother in a cake shop (see what I did there?). I will confess that I spent more on the materials for this cake than I did for his birthday present.

Armed with Pinterest as my muse, I’m getting up at 5am tomorrow to bake. And I’m a bit excited. I admit this ‘not-party’ is slanting in the direction of party. Who am I kidding, I love this stuff.

Here are a few pics from my Pinterest inspiration board. (please click the images to view sources):

rocket cake ideas

rocket cake Rocket Cake rocket cake rocket cake

Rocket Cake not-party takes place on Friday morning. If I pull it off, I’ll be back to show of my efforts.

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  1. Hi! These cakes are amazing!! I can’t wait to see yours!

    I wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award check it out and maybe nominate some more blogs that you know of!

    • Cake turned out well, a little plumper than I hoped for, but definately and original take on the rocket cake concept. Our little do is tomorrow so I’ll post a pic before it gets demolished.

      Thanks for the Liebster, I’m not sure I’m a great candidate right at this point (got a business I’m trying to get off the ground). Good luck with it.

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