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Last Updated – October 2013

A few months back Passionfruit Ads, who I’ve been using for a year, made a solid business decision to change their payment model, moving from free for adswaps to a monthly subscription charge. I fully support this change as the service they offer would have been unsustainable and I really really wanted them to stick around. So I opted in to their new pay/month plan and have been a happy groover ever since.

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For the record (and before I have even got my disclosure page up and running), I want to add that this post in NOT paid for in anyway. It’s just nice to share the love to a service that I think is a little bit awesome.

Here’s the crack:

  • URL:
  • Free to signup – and $9/month to use for unlimited ads. You pay the processing fee for each transaction (about 3% give or take).
  • It’s super-easy to manage your campaigns
  • You get a professional ad shop to add to your site
  • Your site is listed in their fantabulous Marketplace
  • You can define any size ad you like, and put any number of ads wherever. Their code is not cumbersome.
  • They provide you with a ridiculously simple interface and a gorgeous dashboard to watch your ads do their thing
  • For your advertisers, there is no signup, just an email address required. The upload is very easy, they take any add format and the payment options (which you don’t have to deal with – YAY) are mainstream and include paypal.
  • You can update, remove and edit ads at any time, regardless of their calendar position. There are no time constraints or waiting periods for ads to be put live. Once you approve, they are there.

I can’t report on customer service as I haven’t had to access it. Their Passionfruit Ads 101/FAQ page clears up any initial questions you may have.

Overall, after a year of happytising and even after the price change, I’m more than happy to continue offering this service as a win win arrangement between my sponsors and my blog.

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