Rocket Cake Birthday Morning Tea

Last week I shared with you my intentions to bake and decorate a Rocket Cake for my son, who turned 3 a few weeks back. Well I’m happy to report It actually happened. And it was awesome. By my own less-than-modest standards anyway.

I had a pretty good plan and had managed to swing a trip to both the local party warehouse and a newly opened cake decorating shop. After I’d spent too much money in both of these places (because a ‘not-party’ requires co-ordinated table clothes and cutlery right?), I got to work transforming a football into a rocket. Harder than I thought.

I baked 2 cakes, one football pan (1.5 Greens cake packs) and a 19cm pan with 1 cake mix. The latter was a bit of a failure as it didn’t remove nicely once cooked. I managed to salvage enough for the wings of the rocket.

The basic process involved me sketching the cake and colours, baking the cakes and then cutting them to assemble the basic ‘rocket shape’. I used a simple butter cream to crumb coat and ‘glue’ the wings to the oval shape. It was quite tedious, but I was determined to make it work.

Fondant is fun. I love working with it, the risk of messing it up adds to the feeling of pride when you don’t. The eventual colours were a little dull, I would recommend trialling the colours before the day in case you need to buy different. The Wilton Gels proved more reliable than the other colours I had.

In addition to the cake, my morning tea consisted of homemade scones with jam and cream, star fairy bread matching the cake, fruit rockets on skewers and milk and juice for the kids. Check out the final Rocket Cake results below. (Apologies for the photos, iPhone effort I’m afraid, couldn’t find the proper cameras on the day)

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  1. very impressive!!! A beautiful cake that obviously matches the effort you put in. Well done. Sarah @

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