Who (or what) is pixels n pieces?

Hey there, welcome to Pixels’n’Pieces.com – a little project I’ve been dreaming about.

My name is Cath. I’m a digital designer living in Sydney with my husband and 2yo son. Sometimes things can get away from you, dreams mostly remain in their cocoon like state, dormant and waiting for a little air time. I’ve been working for a commercial radio station for 5 years but have recently been blessed with the opportunity to take some time out. This blog is one of those dreams that I’ve upgraded to ‘project’ status. I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes me.

I have spent a wee bit of time (and drunk more than a wee bit of wine) trying to work out why I want a blog so much. I am still not entirely sure it’s a medium I’ll be good at, or if it is the right format. I’m not a writer, nor do I have any special networks. What I do have a collection of past adventures I’d like to share. Mostly baking experiments, amateur party styling, textile design, tutorials, and a few things that will make on to these pages because they made me smile. Moving forward, I aim to collect, collate, create and document my own experiences spanning the broad spectrum of digital design, baking, craft, parenting and domestic life and, of course, the tease of living a stones throw away from the largest IKEA in NSW.

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